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Customer Experience

In FLOOR-CARE AND CENTRAL VAC PROFESSIONAL™, the VDTA•SDTA staff is working to include a new, regular column titled "Customer Experience." Like the title promises, we'll publish the experiences of customers who buy new vacuums. Most of the time, we'll include experiences at independent dealer stores, though we may also include stories of customers who opted to shop online or at a big-box store like the one below. Why is that you ask? To help you. By hearing WHY customers choose to buy or shop elsewhere, you are more knowledgeable and better equipped to bring them back to your store where they should be!


Every year at tax time, my husband decides we need a new vacuum, so off he will go to Wal-mart, Menards, or whatever "guy-friendly" Big Box Store is having a Vacuum Sale that week and bring home the cheapest one he can find.

We have two cats, one dog, a three-year-old son, and a five-year-old son. This system just is not working. No vacuum he has brought home has lasted more than a year. Several have not lasted a full year even. I've had them just stop sucking, I've had parts fall off them, I've had the plastic canisters break. The only vacuum that has taken the punishment my house deals out has been my mother's old Hoover, when my mother updated her own vacuum. We have had that seven-year-old hand-me-down for two years, and I am sorry to say that it is getting tired and needs to be retired as well. Other than that, my husband's shop-vac, which we bought at a quality store at a more expensive price, has proven to last – and I've even resorted to bringing that inside when the others haven't worked!

So as this tax season rolls around, I want to break the cycle my hubby has forced us into. Your help is desperately needed as he is already vacuum shopping. How do I convince him to go to a Vacuum Dealer and buy a good quality vacuum that will last for years?

How do I get him over the Box Store mentality? Thank you in advance.

Frustrated Wife

P.S.: Any dealers who'd like to respond to frustrated wife, please write in to the VDTA by emailing our editor, Tonya Tienter, at tonya@vdta.com, and she will happily published your response.

Reprinted from Floor Care & Central Vac Professional, April 2016