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Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

There's a reason they're called DISPOSABLE.

Change disposable bags when 1/2 full and never try to empty and reuse them.

Disposable vacuum bagsVacuum bags are made of filter paper which trap dust particles and allow the air to pass through. As the pores of the bag become clogged, air will not pass through freely, reducing cleaning efficiency and making the vacuum motor work harder with the possibility of overheating. The now clogged bag has lost most of its filtering capability. Incoming air and dust can force the dust that is in the pores of the bag into the motor and back into the room.

Emptying and reusing a disposable bag cuts cleaning efficiency by 50 percent or more. The pores in the filter paper are full which blocks air flow, thus reducing cleaning efficiency. The quality of the filter paper combined with the quality of manufacturing determines not only the price of the bags, but the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner. In the long run, bargain-priced bags sold in discount stores or supermarkets cost the consumer more in vacuum repairs and devaluation of carpet and home furnishings. If your vacuum is not cleaning efficiently, it allows the sand and grit to build up at the back of your carpets and in furniture causing excessive wear. Your independent vacuum dealer sells only quality replacement parts and supplies. Their professional advice could save you hundreds of dollars!

Keep a supply of vacuum bags on hand and you’ll be
more likely to change the bag when it’s full.