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Your Sewing Machine Should Be Serviced Every 12 Months

Here’s Why

If you do a lot of sewing:
Sewing machine serviceLint, thread and broken needles can collect in the needle bar, hook and feed mechanism, causing problems ranging from noise to more serious problems that can stop the machine from sewing. Heavy use can remove the oil that the machine uses to run smoothly. Lint or thread pieces can cause serious tension problems.

If you sew occasionally:
Lint, thread and broken needles can still collect in the needle bar area and in the gears of the thread-handling mechanism. Even moderate use necessitates oiling of moving parts of the sewing machine. A small piece of thread in the tension unit will necessitate cleaning and recalibration of the tension. If your sewing machine has been in the closet for a few years and you want to sew again, the machine should be tuned up so that you will have peak performance and trouble-free sewing. Even sitting in the closet, the oil in the machine will dry out.

Thorough servicing by your independent sewing machine dealer once every 12 months will eliminate all of these problems and guarantee trouble-free sewing.