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Tips on Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner that's right for your needs.
The life of your carpet depends on it.

There are three basic types of dirt to remove from a carpet:

  • visible lint and surface litter
  • dust not visible to the naked eye laying just below the surface
  • heavy dirt and sand laying at the bottom of your carpet fiber

The purchase of a new vacuum cleaner is an important decision. The right vacuum and its proper use can double or triple your carpet's life expectancy, saving you thousands of dollars in carpet wear. Most people presume a vacuum is doing its job. You can't see the bottom of your carpet to know if your vacuum is removing the sand and grit responsible for carpet damage.

The overall appearance of your carpet depends on a good vacuum cleaner.

If the vacuum cleaner you purchase has enough air flow and suction to lift the carpet nap to the brushes, the vacuum will brush the nap and help it to stand up properly. The result will be newer looking and easier-to-clean carpeting

This is how carpet nap should look if your vacuum is helping it to stand up properly:
Carpet nap standing up

If your vacuum is performing poorly, the carpet nap will remain matted and packed down from foot traffic. Sand and grit cannot be pulled from flattened carpet fibers. Dark colored traffic trails begin to appear. As the sand and dirt build up, it acts like sandpaper, slowly wearing and cutting the carpet fibers as you walk across it.

Carpet nap after the pile has begun to mat down. Sand and heavy dirt cannot get through the flattened fibers:
Carpet nap matted down

So, how do you make a good decision on a new vacuum?

1. Study the various makes and models. Find out how they perform with the type of carpet you have, the type of pad and how it was installed (stretched or glued).

2. Talk to an expert. Your independent vacuum dealer is available to share professional advice. He or she can answer your questions, analyze your cleaning needs and aid you in your buying decision.

Let your independent dealer help you select the right vacuum cleaner